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blair & chuck community.

Blair Waldorf & Chuck Bass Shippers
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A community devoted to the relationship between Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass. Open to fics, fanvids, manips, icons, spoilers and discussion. A specific entry will be made by maintainers prior to each new episode for discussion purposes.
a    f e w    r u l e s
x Please keep all posts BLAIR/CHUCK and/or LEIGHTON/ED related.

x Icons, graphics, videos etc must all feature Blair and Chuck both together as a couple. i.e please don't post general cast videos or arts with only one of the characters. This is a comm for the couple.

x Icon posts must contain atleast THREE icons which contain Blair/Chuck (or Ed/Leighton) together in them, and they must be public (atleast for a few days) if linked to.

x Spoilers MUST be put behind an LJ-cut. Any posts (Discussion, Graphics etc.) regarding the current episode of Gossip Girl are considered spoilers until 24 hours after it airs - meaning Tuesdays at 9pm.

x You must use an LJ cut for any posts containing: fanfic, large pics (more than 200x300), icon post of more than 4 icons. A little tease is fine, then behind a cut it goes.

x We'll be limiting community promotions to 2-3 a week. If your post gets rejected don't take it personally, it will most likely be because we've reached our limit for that week you are welcome to try the next week!

x All entries MUST be tagged. We only have a few generic tags which are easy to remember, so please try to remember to add them. We will review and edit the tags where necessary, but it would be helpful if you tagged your own posts to begin with.

x Please follow the community guidelines found HERE when posting fanfic. In particular make sure a Rating is always specified on all fics.

x Friending memes and links to RPGs are not allowed.

x RESPECT people! No anti-comments are welcome. If you're not a fan, then don't post. Simple as that!

x If you know of a fellow Blair/Chuck fan, send them this way!
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gossipgirltv waldass_love edandleighton

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Maintainers: born_butterfly, lovaleei, passionate_fun
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